Monday, January 09, 2006

Google Pack and MS Critical Patch

Google has just released their free “Google Pack.” This is a download of several of their own applications and some indispensable, free applications from other sources. One may download all, or may delete those parts that one already has or does not want. An automatic update feature for all is included. The software that impressed me the most was six months of free Norton AntiVirus 2005 SE. You may read about this pack at IT Vibe , or you may go directly to the download source at Google . This is good software and, from what I have read very recently, Norton/Symantec AV is one of the few AVs that protects your computer from attacks on the latest critical flaw (yet another buffer overrun) in all editions of MS Operating Systems. This is an important one as MS released an emergency critical patch, out of sequence, and may have more tomorrow for “Patch Tuesday.”

Even if you do not want the Google Pack, make sure to run your Windows Update to patch the overrun problem.

Peace, Doc

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