Saturday, September 06, 2008

Windows XP Automatic Downloads May Be Harmful

I have to wonder if the following excerpt from the ZDNet’s All About Microsoft column by Mary-Jo Foley is saying more than is actually written in her column. This column usually contains quite reliable information from specific applications to the latest rumors and speculations to hard business and software news. There are more technical sources of information about Microsoft, but for a “slightly technical” reader such as myself Ms. Foley provides excellent coverage and links to more specific sources when appropriate.

“Microsoft is stepping up its war on software pirates by rolling out new Windows Genuine notification software for what it is calling its most pirated version of Windows: Windows XP Professional.

Microsoft to target Windows XP Pro users with Genuine ‘nagware’ notifications

In an August 26 posting to the Windows Genuine Advantage blog, Director of Genuine Windows Alex Kochis said XP users should expect Microsoft to begin rolling out a new version of Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) notifications starting this week. Microsoft is expecting the rollout to take several months. … “

Most specifically, the article seems to be saying more about Windows XP-Professional than might appear at first glance. If XP-Pro is the most pirated OS, it follows that it is likely that it is the most popular. Microsoft, while pushing hard with a greatly increased advertising campaign for Vista, seems also to be threatening XP holdouts with Genuine “Nagware” notifications. It has been denied that a “reduced functionality mode,” aka “kill switch” will be installed in XP.

“Microsoft officials noted that WGA for XP never did default to “reduced functionality mode,” a k a, the kill switch, which was part of Windows Vista when it first shipped.”

Ms. Foley’s blog, All About Microsoft publishes frequently. Perhaps you should bookmark it.

Draw your own conclusions, but I would suggest that you read the full article before you do so. It has left me with questions and doubts as to whether even my Genuine Microsoft copy of XP-Pro will pass the test when I install it as a second OS on a new PC.

Peace, Doc

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You wouldn't have all these problems if you used a Mac. :)

September 10, 2008 7:32 PM  

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