Friday, March 03, 2006

Web Resources

These are not specific to psychology or mental health, but are some website URLs that you may find useful.

WinGuide Computer terms and phrases:

Secure Password Generator:

How to Remember Your Password:

Microsoft Windows Defender Beta2. This works well with Grisoft Free AVG antivirus but not with Norton/Symantec.

A source of new and daily updates to popular software can be found at

WinPlanet is a good source of business software applications. Subscribe to their free weekly newsletter "Windows Watch," as it sends notifications of important updates, betas, security patches, and the like. It has helped me to stay current with updates to my software.

Portable Apps Suite: A Powerful and Free Alternative to Software Bloat. This whole office suite can be carried with you on a 256MB USB Flash Drive to be used on another computer.

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