Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Free File Recovery Program

In this week's issue of the WinPlanet newsletter I mentioned earlier, I found a free, downloadable data recovery program that might be of use in recovering client data that is lost on your computer through accidental deletion or code error. I have not tried this program, but it certainly seems like a better alternative than taking your machine to a data recovery service to have the files retrieved for $600 or so. The newsletter describes the program as follows:

"Do an online search for data recovery software these days, and you'll find lots of options. Most come with strings attached, however -- limiting the number and/or size of files you can recover (64KB is a common limitation) unless and until you pay the registration fee, which is typically anywhere from $50 to $100, and often more. Depending on how valuable your lost data is to you, coughing up this money may not seem like a big deal, but for some it can be a lot to pay, especially without any assurance of success. After all, data recovery applications seldom offer a money-back guarantee.

Enter PC Inspector File Recovery, published by Germany-based CONVAR Deutschland. The program is offered as freeware, though the company happily accepts donations via PayPal at its Website. CONVAR stresses that PCI File Recovery is designed only for recovering files lost to user or software error -- the software doesn't purport itself to work on drives with physical problems, like the ones that sound as though a Gatling gun is going off inside your PC, or on drives that fail to be recognized by the BIOS. For these sorts of issues the user is referred to an organization that provides data recovery...

Joseph Moran
(Read the complete review at”)

The download site and a more detailed description may be found at:

Peace, Doc

Monday, March 13, 2006

Security Application Reviews

While reading the Kim Kommando newsletter, it directed me to this site that reviews security software. It appears to pull no punches and the author(s?) know their subject. You can also read that as "agree with me." Every program they list as good and that I have tried, I am in complete agreement with them. I list this, not because it is directly related to psychology, but because everyone involved in the mental health field needs to be very aware of the security of the PHI data on their computer. You may find "Spyware Warrior: Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products and Web Sites at:

Peace, Doc

Friday, March 03, 2006

Web Resources

These are not specific to psychology or mental health, but are some website URLs that you may find useful.

WinGuide Computer terms and phrases:

Secure Password Generator:

How to Remember Your Password:

Microsoft Windows Defender Beta2. This works well with Grisoft Free AVG antivirus but not with Norton/Symantec.

A source of new and daily updates to popular software can be found at

WinPlanet is a good source of business software applications. Subscribe to their free weekly newsletter "Windows Watch," as it sends notifications of important updates, betas, security patches, and the like. It has helped me to stay current with updates to my software.

Portable Apps Suite: A Powerful and Free Alternative to Software Bloat. This whole office suite can be carried with you on a 256MB USB Flash Drive to be used on another computer.

Peace, Doc